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EXACTABEAMS cover all custom manufactured structural products supplied through Tiger Steel. 


Tiger Steel supports the steel construction industry in New Zealand by providing high-quality steel items, at a competitive price, so more projects are specified using steel, rather than alternatives such as concrete & laminated wood beams. 


Using steel plate produced from plate to the AS/NZS3678 standards, this product is manufactured using the latest production technology, to the strictest quality tolerances and provides clients with the flexibility to specify almost any size required. Designers can, therefore, save weight and overall cost as we can fabricate members to the exact size needed.


We can also supply MAXISHEET and MAXIPLATE to New Zealand based welded beam producers to support their manufacturing competitiveness. We are 100% owned by New Zealanders and support the New Zealand based fabrication, construction, trucking, port operations industry and especially support the New Zealand owned businesses who purchase our EXACTABEAMS.

All the steel used in our custom beam products has been sourced from mills holding Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels Ltd (ACRS) certification at the time of supply of those particular products


We are internationally competitive as having significant production capabilities our manufacturers have recently supplied welded beams for significant projects overseas including a project in Melbourne needing 40,000MT and in Turkey needing 180,000MT. 


We recently supported a long-established New Zealand based fabricator to supply CWB/HCBC/HCC items for a high rise structure using a plate to specification AS/NZS3678 G350L15 Z35 with custom-designed profile sizes and all at different lengths, saving them considerably with time and cost. 


The testing report received from the manufacturer consisted of 709 pages and one of the most extensive in the industry, which includes all testing on the MAXIPLATE and Z35 test reports and testing on the finished welded EXACTABEAMS.

Testing on the welds to AS/NZS 1554.1: 2014 & using a test method to AS 2205.5.1-2003 with concavity, leg length and fillet weld size as well as web to flange welds as per AS 1391-2007 and referencing standard AS/NZS 3679.2:2016 with photos similar to the below as well as full traceability of the steel plate used. The fabricator also has ISO9001:2015 by DNV. Examples below

Grade 300SO is also available, however the order must meet the minimum order requirement (MOQ) to enable production, which is currently 250mt. 

Castellated Beams / Cell beams are also now available

TIG 004755 Tiger Steel Graphs V022.jpg
TIG 004755 Tiger Steel Graphs V023.jpg
TIG 004755 Tiger Steel Graphs V024.jpg
TIG 004755 Tiger Steel Graphs V025.jpg

Typical end usage include:

·  High rise buildings      ·  Commercial buildings with portal frames      ·  Multi-storey buildings

·  Carparks      ·  Bridges      ·  Cranes      ·  Architecturally unique buildings



Tiger Steel is able to supply steel sheet that is produced by mills with:

  ·  ILAC-MRA accreditation for their laboratory testing

Therefore you can have reassurance that EXACTABEAMS has:

Produced with a quality management system in place

·  Product traceability      ·  Product identification      ·  Certified laboratory testing


Sample photos of EXACTABEAMS

FT x 3.jpg
FT x10.jpg
welded beam 3.jpg
welded beam 2.jpg
FT x 8.jpg
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