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For any further questions, please contact us at 021844607 or email

  • Can you import steel that meets the NZ Standards?
    Yes. We can offer in the AS/NZS specification for most items, if available.
  • I have never used imported steel before, is the quality good and how can we trust the Mill Test Certificate?"
    Tiger Steel visits the overseas mills and completes a full mill inspection on a yearly basis. We also purchase from ilac-MRA certified steel mills as well as ACRS certified steel mills where possible, as they are an independent organisation conducting thorough inspection of the mills testing procedures and finished product. Your point of contact at Tiger Steel will always have a minimum of 10 years buying experience, therefore our imported steel is of the highest standard.
  • Can we get extra testing done by a third party, before the shipment leaves the overseas port?"
    Yes, we can provide independent third party tests, conducted by either SGS or Bureau Veritas, which can specify quantity, measurement, yield, tensile, elongation, impact test, coating thickness, or any other test required within the appropriate standard of the steel you are purchasing.
  • What is the minimum quantity that I need to order?
    The minimum quantity varies with each mill and product type. Typically you will need to purchase 40MT from a mill. However our suppliers understand New Zealand is a small market and we can reduce this to 20mt upon application. Sometimes we can import in a sample for you, at 1MT or through the post, between 1-3kgs. Please enquire and we will advise if your requirements are enough to import.
  • Why does the exchange rate with USD vs NZD matter?
    International mills all sell their steel in US dollars and the shipping can be in US dollars also. Therefore we need to purchase US currency to pay for the goods/shipping. For example, if the USD sell rate in your quotation was 0.66 vs NZD, however once ordered, it changed to 0.67, you will save money on your steel purchase. The price in NZD could go from $1250/MT to $1231/MT with that change.
  • I would like my steel shipped to a location outside of NZ. Is this possible?
    Yes. With the support of our logistics partners, we can ship anywhere in the Oceania region and we are shipping to the Pacific Islands each month.
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